Studio Rules

1. Dancers must be obedient and respectful or they will not be allowed to remain in class. Dance class should be a privilege.

2. All classes are closed to observers except for visitor weeks.

3. Please do not bring students to the studio any earlier than 10 minutes before class time. Be prompt in picking up students. We cannot be responsible for them before or after class.

4. We will not be responsible for any children after they leave the building.

5. Practice wear must be worn to all classes, be kept clean, and properly marked with student’s name. Dress code must be followed.

6. Dance shoes must never be worn outside.

7. Please notify us if your child is sick and has to miss class for two or more consecutive lessons.

8. Please, for safety sake at the Ballou Park Studio, do not drive down the driveway beside the studio or use the rear parking lot. The stairway is too close to the corner of the building and a child could dart out in front of a car. When dropping children downtown, please drive down Main Street.

9. Dancers at the Ballou park Studio must be accompanied in and out of the building by a parent or an adult.

10. Junior and Senior class dancers will not be considered for a special in the show if they miss more than 3 lessons during the fall semester.

11. Students and parents consent and agree to abide by the additional 2020-21 policies and procedures included with the brochure. All updated Covid-19 rules and regulations will be emailed before the studio opens.

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