Dress Code

1. Leotards – 3 year olds through 1st grade ~ leotards must be black (no attached skirts or tutus). 2nd grade and older leotards may be any color (no attached skirts or tutus). Leotards must be one piece.

2. Tights – All students are required to wear tights or leggings. 3 year olds through 1st grade must have pink footed Bloch brand tights. 2nd grade and older may wear pink, black or tan tights with feet or cut off at the ankle. SOLID COLOR dance pants may be worn by 2nd grade and older students. Dance pants with logos or designs are not permitted. Dance shorts may be worn over tights for all classes excluding ballet.

3. Ballet Shoes – Pink Capezio or Bloch brand only. Please write your name in them and cut off excess drawstrings and tuck in shoes. No shoe bows allowed.

4. Tap shoes – Combination Classes – black low heel Bloch brand. Students should be taught how to put them on by themselves. Names should be written clearly so the student can recognize their shoes. One hour tap classes – tan low heel “Mary Jane” Bloch style for 1st-3rd year or black high heel tap shoes for 4th year and up.

5. Jazz shoes – Soft, low heel Tan Bloch brand. Lace up or slip on boots.

6. Pointe Shoes – We recommend that you be fitted in several different brands to see which works best on your foot. A proper fit is essential to your success. N’Tended for Kids in Danville and Carolina Dancewear in Greensboro offer a large selection of multiple brands.

7. Hip Hop Shoes– Sneakers or hip hop shoes. New shoes will be ordered for the show.

8. Contemporary Shoes – Capezio Foot Undeez

9. Please mark all dancewear with your child’s name.

10. Hair must be pulled back off face and must be up in the back. No long pony tails allowed. Please no hair accessories that will fall out or have to be adjusted during class.

11. No jewelry or chewing gum permitted in class.

12. All students are asked to wear sweats, jeans, or coats over their leotard in order to maintain a proper appearance going to and from class. Please do not wear dance shoes outside.

N’Tended for Kids •

(Mt. Cross road) is our school’s official dancewear supplier.

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